5 Acts From 1946 Gymkana Still Performs Today

The first season for the University of Maryland Gymkana Troupe, from 1946-1947, was very much an experimental year. Many of the performances were as halftime entertainment for the University's basketball games. Here are 5 acts performed by the Troupe in its inaugural season that are still performed today!

Partner Balancing

The 1st best act award winner (1947) Gloria Myers, Frank Brannock, Arnold Gibbs

Parallel Bars

Chet Witten, John Rippingale, and Owen Laug (1959)


“The Master Builders” (1953) Marion Copping, Mona Jess, Billie Jess, Joan Essex, Nancy Shrop, and Nan Johnson


Tom Bolgiano’s “Bouncing Jester” (1947)


“Free Calisthenics” (1955) with Hoppy Jones, Luke Howard, and Paul Simmers